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Galactic Rim
M14 Galactic Rim.png
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Protect Command Ship
Get Sample
Salvage Taiidan Ship
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Galactic Rim is the fourteenth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign and involves obtaining a sample of the Beast.


The situation is grim, with the Beast infection spreading practically unchecked throughout the old Taiidan Empire. The Kuun-Lan finds the Naggarok and are shocked by what they see...


  • Protect Command Ship
  • Get Sample
  • Salvage Taiidan Ship



A somewhat difficult mission, compounded by the Beast Mothership entering early on in the mission. The Naggarok is being repaired by the Taiidan Imperialists and a sample is needed to make the Siege Cannon do maximum damage.

Build a Mimic and disguise it as an enemy ship. You will probably need to destroy several Proximity Sensors before sending it in, as it will just be detected immediately. Use your main battle group to defend the Kuun-Lan while the sample is obtained, which may be difficult due to an excessive use of Cruise Missiles.

Shortly after the sample is obtained, the Naggarok & most of Imperial ships will leave, forcing the Kuun-Lan to capture an enemy ship to find out what they were talking about. Harvest and rebuild, then leave. Make sure to retire most of your ACVs and replace with a single Dreadnought, as you'll need it in the next mission...


  • Mission difficulty will alter the kind of ships that are sent to attack. At Normal difficulty, expect to fight many Capital Ships.
  • If you destroy all the Imperialist ships next to the Naggarok, a massive fleet will hyperspace in. At Normal difficulty, expect at least 5 heavy cruisers' arrival.