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Aiowa System
M05 Aiowa System.png
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Intercept Bentusi Station
Protect Bentusi Station
Protect Caal-Shto
Secondary Objectives
Build Advanced Research Module
Mission Navigation

Aiowa System is the fifth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign. Kiith Somtaaw must defend a Bentusi Exchange that is under attack from the Beast.


The science team from the Clee-San is lost, so the Ship Engineer attempts to explain how the Beast works and determines that qualified analysis is needed.


  • Intercept Bentusi Exchange
  • Protect Bentusi Exchange
  • Protect Caal-Shto
  • Defend Fleet



The mission starts peaceful, but to avoid triggering the various events, stay away from the ping location and harvest some resources. Make sure there are at least 30 Acolytes in the fleet: this can be reached by unlinking ACVs and building the difference to conserve resources.

When ready, move the Kuun-Lan towards the ping, but not too close: otherwise it will be destroyed by later events. Acolytes should be placed in Sphere around the Kuun-Lan temporarily, but moved to Wall when the exchange is discovered.

The Bentusi Exchange will be able to fight off most attacks, but it will be swarmed if too many infected Acolytes are near it. Simply use whatever combat ships are in the fleet to defend it. Not long after the defence begins, a group of ships will enter from behind and begin attacking the Kuun-Lan: don't worry about this, since the Kuun-Lan has strong weapons that will destroy the attackers.

Soon afterwards, the Caal-Shto — a Carrier in the service of Kiith Manaan — will enter and assist, not knowing that the ships are actually infected. Somtaaw advises them, but the Caal-Shto takes little notice.

Eventually, an infected Heavy Cruiser will show up. When this appears, dock all ships with the Kuun-Lan and watch as the cruiser uses its Infection Beam on the exchange. It leaves a cryptic statement that confuses Kiith Somtaaw, before exploding: this results in every ship nearby being destroyed, with only Super Capital Ships surviving. Notably, the Caal-Shto and the infected cruiser will survive.

Launch all the Acolytes, then use them to destroy the cruiser as fast as possible. Once destroyed, find the enemy Carrier and destroy it (or deal enough damage to cause it to retreat into hyperspace) to prevent the Caal-Shto from being destroyed: use Workers to keep it alive. Watch out for the carrier's infection beam, keep in mind the only ship that won't be subverted by it is the Kuun-Lan. Once the enemy is defeated, scout the map for resources, harvest them and leave. Make sure to construct the Advanced Engineering Module, research Support Systems and build the maximum Support Modules on the Kuun-Lan


  • The mission can be ended quicker by following the trail of enemy Acolytes and destroying the enemy carrier. Using missiles from about 20 Acolytes will destroy it: less will only result in the carrier leaving via hyperspace if sufficiently damaged, but not destroyed fast enough.