This is the article on the location. If you are looking for the article on the mission of the same name, see HW2 Campaign: Gehenna.

A security station surrounded by asteroids in Gehenna

Gehenna was a large asteroid field located in the Vaygr Reaches. During the Vaygr War, the Vaygr made extensive archaeological digs here in search of the Oracle, a Progenitor relic. To protect their digsites, the Vaygr installed a large network of hyperspace inhibitors, which were in turn guarded by several large garrisons of capital ships and strike craft, and at least one Command Station.

Deep in the asteroid field was a series of bases built into massive asteroids. These bases were the Vaygr archeological dig sites, built by the Vaygr in the hope of finding the Oracle, an artifact that could help them to unlock the secrets of the ancient Progenitors.

During the Vaygr War, the Pride of Hiigara and its accompanying fleet managed to breach the inhibitor network and gained access to the asteroid field. After destroying the command station and all accompanying Vaygr forces, the Hiigaran fleet penetrated deep the asteroid field, launching an assault on the garrison that was defending a cluster of asteroid bases, one of which was suspected to hold the Oracle. The Hiigaran warfleet soon defeated the Vaygr garrison and began searching the asteroids. Data given by the Bentusi assisted the Hiigarans in finding the Oracle, which was hidden deep inside Asteroid 602. After the Oracle was recovered, it interfaced with the Hyperspace Core in the Pride of Hiigara and jumped without warning to the Karos Graveyard.

Dig sides in GehennaEdit

List of archaeological dig sides on asteroids in Gehenna (ingame):

  • 212, 213
  • 500, 504
  • 546, 547, 549
  • 716, 717
  • 602, 603, 604 (Oracle located here)
  • 812, 813 (same asteroid with this dig sites numbers appears twice)
  • 935, 936

Asteroids in cutscene (in order of appearance):

  • 717 (dig side number 716)
  • 504 (504, 549)
  • 936 (935)
  • 602 (603, 604) (Oracle located here)
  • 212 (212)
  • 912 (813)

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • There seems to be no order in asteroids numbering and it is unclear as to whether was it only a mistake or these numbers were not used to simply identify the particular dig sites. However, the numbers and locations of certain asteroids in game, do not match those shown during cutscenes. This may be due to either a design fault or movement of the actual asteroids.
  • In an earlier draft of Homeworld 2, Gehenna is said to be a debris field left over from a destroyed planet. The script also states that "Lingering radiation from whatever force was used to destroy the planet makes the area impervious to scans…", possibly hinting at a long-forgotten weapon with planet-destroying capabilities.