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Fuel Pod
Fuel Pod.jpg
Ship Information
Repair / Refuelling Ship
Ship Type
Technical Information
100 m/s2
250 m/s
1 Medium Projectile Cannon

Fuel Pods are frigate-type vessels operated by the Kadeshi. They serve as mobile, unarmored docking stations for Swarmers and Advanced Swarmers. The limited fuel supply of the Swarmer means that they must frequently dock with a Fuel Pod in order to remain active on the battlefield. If these pods are not on station, the Swarmers will run dry and be left stranded in the void of space.


Fuel Pods normally fly in groups of three, and can refuel up to six Swarmers at any one time. They always bring themselves within close range of the battlefield, making them especially vulnerable to enemy fire. Fuel Pods possess minimal armament and no armor, rendering them virtually defenseless in the face of the enemy. Their role is restricted to refueling.

The most effective way to defeat entire waves of Swarmers is to destroy the Fuel Pods and the Swarmers will be left stranded in space. Capital ships are especially effective in picking off Fuel Pods.

The Kushan Mothership and her fleet encountered dozens of such Pods upon their entry into the Great Nebula, which was viewed upon as an unholy intrusion by the Kadeshi who immediately went to battle against the Exiles with their massive waves of Swarmers. The Kushan quickly identified the Fuel Pods as their primary weakness owing to their limited fuel supplies, and in picking them off reduced the destruction and losses inflicted on their forces before finally escaping the nebula.


  • Fuel pods can only refuel Kadeshi strike craft.
  • It is also possible to salvage surviving Fuel Pods, however they are virtually useless for the fleet and barely provide sufficient RUs for ship construction.
  • 2 capture points in Homeworld Classic, 1 in Homeworld Remasterd
  • 500 RU retirement


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