Fleet Intelligence is a body of people assigned to the Fleet Command in order to assist in tactical decisions as well as to analyze scientific and combat data.

During the preparations of the Mothership, the Kushan created a panel of military officers, scientists, linguists, and diplomats divided into different teams. Selected from the best and the brightest of Kharak this panel's job was to analyze all sensor data and create mission objectives. This panel was hence called Fleet Intelligence.

During whole Homeworld War and Vaygr War, the Fleet Intelligence designated all the missions to the Fleet Command as well as was responsible for communication between the Command, research teams and the fleet. It also took part in analyzing data obtained from ships, debris, and various other things on space.

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  • The Homeworld Historical and Technical Briefing implies, in indicating that the data used by Fleet Intelligence is analyzed by several shift teams, that Fleet Intelligence is a panel rather than a person as some might think.

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