Please note this document is NOT a policy, they are merely guidelines. If the guidelines below restrict something that these guidelines weren't intended to restrict, the document should be updated

While we have several specific policies that are related to specific parts of the site, we also have some general rules that apply everywhere retroactively across all aspects of the wiki. Please respect these rules at all time when editing and contributing.

Read all the rules pages before editing, just reading one doesn't cut it.

General Rules Edit

  • Do not vandalise current articles. Continued vandalism will result in a block: Wikia wide vandalism is grounds for a global block from VSTF.
  • Do not ask for Sysop status on the wiki, as it will not be granted. Rollback may be requested if there is mass-vandalism that hasn't yet been cleaned up or if there are no active rollback users.
  • Please do not create offensive articles or upload images with sexual, vulgar language, or racist remarks.
  • Do not make pointless articles. If you see one, put {{delete}} tag on. See the Deletion policy for more information.
  • Please Respect Neutrality.
  • Do not advertise websites or spam.
    • If your site is related to the Homeworld series, please contact a sysop/admin for assistance.
    • Obvious spambots will simply be reported to VSTF and blocked.
  • Please don't create purely fanon articles, or add fanon to existing pages. If you see fanon, or unsourced data that may have come from fanon, in a canonical article, please remove it immediately.

Ways to stay Neutral Edit

  • Do not only provide one point of view, but all relevant viewpoints as necessary.
  • Support your article with actual facts.
  • Use reliable sources.

Ways to detect Bias Edit

There are ways to detect if the article is biased. Here's how:

  1. The article only provides one point of view.
  2. Facts that come from the source may be biased.
  3. Does the article lack diversity?
  4. Do the facts in the article have to deal with the article?

Cleaning up Bias Edit

Cleaning up Bias may be difficult, but it can be done.

  1. Gather facts from other perspectives or other points of view.
  2. Make sure your sources are not biased.
  3. Support your facts with valid sources.
  4. Never use user comments.
  5. Make sure your facts deal with the article.
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