Please note this document is NOT a policy, they are merely guidelines. If the guidelines below restrict something that these guidelines weren't intended to restrict, the document should be updated

This is the wiki's policy on naming articles

Notes Edit

  • Articles should be named according to the titles given within any of the games, as this will be the likeliest search term to be used.
    • Since ships will likely use the same name multiple times throughout the series, ships should be disambiguated using race titles, following a "<shipname> (<racename>)" title standard.
    • Disambiguation pages should be used at <shipname> to help users find pages.
    • No ship articles should use their class name as an article title. Class names should only be mentioned in a trivia note with a suitable reference.
  • Locations and missions should be named exactly as they are stated within the games. There are some exceptions to this: see the exceptions list below.
  • With some exceptions, no article should include dashes or tildes within the title. These should be substituted for a colon (:) or removing unnecessary text (eg Deep Space - Turanic Raider Planetoid should become Turanic Raider Planetoid)

Exceptions Edit

  • In some games, the mission name may be the same as another mission. There are two ways to separate each:
    • Place a number after the second mission of the same name (eg HW Campaign: Great Wastelands II)
    • Use the alternative name given in brackets for such missions (eg HWC Campaign: Tel Sector)
  • In Homeworld 2, a single mission might have multiple names. Preference should be given to the name used within the mission itself (and not the mission name given on the mission choice screen). A note should be made on the respective article of the alternative mission names.
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