"This is Captain Elohim of the Shipyard Naabal. We are sustaining heavy damage and request immediate assistance." — Captain Elohim
Elohim Naabal
Character Information

Captain Elohim Naabal was the commanding officer in charge of the Shipyard Naabal during the Vaygr War. He was in charge of the defense in the Sarum System when the Pride of Hiigara arrived in the region, preparing to rally the Hiigaran fleet to drive back the Vaygr threat. Unfortunately for the Mothership Fleet, Elohim was in no position to help and when they arrived his entire escort had been destroyed and the shipyard was under heavy fire.

He was however able to provide the Mothership Fleet with its first carrier upon his rescue. Later, when the Mothership Fleet at last unleashed a counterattack against the Vaygr, the Shipyard Naabal joined the Mothership Fleet and played a crucial role in repairing the severely damaged Gatekeeper of Sajuuk.