This is the article on the Somtaaw ship created during the Beast War. If you are looking for the article on the Dreadnaught created by the Progenitors, see Progenitor Dreadnaught.

Archangel Dreadnaught
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
6800 RUs
Technical Information
152,000 tons
35 m/s2
240 m/s
2 Heavy Ion Cannons
6 Missile Launchers
4 Energy Cannons
(Upgrade) 2 Repulsor Emitters

The Dreadnought was built during a fierce battle against the Beast.

Background Edit

Armed with four Energy Cannons, six Missile Launchers and protected by a hull that deflects more damage than it absorbs, the Dreadnought quickly became the king of the battle field. Despite a lack of maneuverability, these ships can easily dominate a battlefield, each greatly superior to a Qwaar-Jet.

After encountering the Nomad Moon's repulsor emitter, the scientists incorporated a somewhat weaker version of the device into the Dreadnought, though at a high cost: the two emitter domes were placed at the top and bottom, with the latter obscuring the lower Ion Cannon's frontal arc, greatly reducing the Cannon's already limited coverage: by being attacked from above or below, the Dreadnought can only bring one Ion Cannon to bear, a design flaw which is shared with the much-later Battlecruiser.

Overall, the Dreadnaught is designed more to take on multiple opponents at once than an infected Taiidan Heavy Cruiser. It spreads out more of its firepower in different directions. One must note, its supply of missiles can run out in a prolonged firefight. Its internal production rate of missiles is roughly one-third of the rate it can fire them when fully loaded, which means once the missiles run out it will only be firing a third as many per salvo. One on one with equal levels of upgrades, it will lose to a Heavy Cruiser even if the Beast Infect Weapon isn't used.

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