This is the article on the Hiigaran defense ship. If you are looking for the article on the previous Taiidan vessel, see Field Frigate.
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Defense Field Frigate
Defence field frigate
Ship Information
Fleet Defence
Ship Type
RU Cost
1200 RUs
Technical Information
161 m/s
1 Heavy Vulcan Kinetic Gun
Defence Field Generator

The Defense Field Frigate is capable of generating a massive magnetic field to defend nearby ships by deflecting incoming fire. However, the field was rather small and so energy-consuming that it could be generated only for a short period of time. The Frigate's field would decrease the damage dealt by energy weapons, such as an Ion Cannon and (after some field modifications) protect units from the effects of radioactive particle clouds. Each frigate had four field generating pods, which extended when the field was operational. The ship's only weaponry was one Kinetic Gun Turret mounted on the bottom of the ship.

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