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Ship Information
Ship Construction
Fleet Command
Ship Type
RU Cost
2000 RUs
Technical Information
121,000 tons
503.2 metres
40 m/s2
300 m/s
4 Small Mass Drivers

The Carrier is a Super Capital Ship that served as the mainstay carrier of the Taiidan Empire.

Overview Edit

The Saarkin-Cho is the beating breast of any Imperial strike fleet, being essentially mobile shipyards with the task of rallying the Empire's vast armada forward to glorious conquest. It was able to hold 50 fighters and 25 corvettes at once at any given time, and was capable of constructing frigates and various other smaller vessels. It was lightly armed, slow, and features a long build time and high cost, making it a valuable but ill-defended target to enemy forces. The carrier primarily serves to provide additional production and repair facilities closer to the front lines, allowing new units to be produced and damaged units to be repaired with minimum turnaround time.

The Saarkin-Cho also has the dubious honor of having been the first Taiidan ship seen by the Kushan in millenia, when one of them deployed an orbital Ion Cannon in Kharak's orbit, suffered a malfunction in its jumpdrive due to the Second Hyperspace Core's interference, and ended up embedded beneath the planet's surface.

These carriers had been in active service for nearly 90 years as of the events of the Beast War. At the time of the Taiidan Emperor's death, there were 137 such carriers serving with the Taiidan Imperial Fleet. After the end of the Taiidan Civil War, 70 such carriers remained, 51 serving with the new Taiidan Republic, and 19 with the remaining Taiidan Imperialist faction.

The Beast managed to steal and enhance the design of this ship during the Beast War. The most significant enhancement was the addition of a Beast Infect Weapon which brutally increased its effectiveness in combat, making it a significant threat even against capital ships, and with its turrets upgraded to Energy Cannons it had reasonable effectiveness against Strike Craft even when the infect weapon wasn't used. In certain missions, the Beast carrier would serve as a hyperspace beacon, usually for Beast Heavy Cruisers, while remaining as fleet production.

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