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Hiigaran carrier
Ship Information
Ship Construction
RU Cost
2800 RUs
Technical Information
75 m/s
4 Hull Defence Guns

The Carrier was the centre of most Hiigaran fleets during the second Homeworld era. The Primary role of these carriers was to support Capital Ships with fighter and frigate escort, and to be mobile bases for fighter and corvette squadrons. Not designed for front line combat are lightly armored and lack heavier armament.

Each carrier's main hangar bay is capable of producing frigates and receiving wreckage from destroyed ships for reprocessing into RUs. The forward section houses two small hangar bays for fighters and corvettes, and a large sensor array. The rear section contains a small resource handling bay, the bridge and the engines. It is very similar in design to the rear of the Battlecruiser.

The Hiigaran Carrier had ample production slots, able to accommodate fighter, corvette and frigate facilities and also has heavier armor compared to its Vaygr counterpart. The Vaygr Carrier, on the other hand, only possesses one production slot and very little armor. However, it has better defensive capabilities.

It has a total of 3 Facility slots but is unable to build the Capital Ship variant, 2 Module slots and 1 Sensor slot.


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