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Hiigaran bomber

Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
550 RUs
Technical Information
260 m/s
2 Plasma Bomb Launchers

The Bomber is the basic anti-Capital Ship fighter used by the Hiigarans.

Background Edit

Bombers, like interceptors, come in squads of five, but can pack a heavier punch than any other fighter in the Hiigaran Fleet. Bombers are your primary fighter-class defense against capital ships, and, more efficiently, frigates from the Vaygr Fleet. Bombers are armed with heavy plasma bombs that will work best against Super Capital Ships as the role says in the game, but it is also recommended that you use them against frigates. When sending bombers into battle, give them 3-5 interceptor escort squads, as bombers will be the primary target of all fighter-class ships for the enemy's fighters and corvettes. Use bombers wisely, and don't give away the fact that there's cover around.

One of the most potent uses for bombers is in the removal of subsystems from enemy ships. Once their bombs have been upgraded a few flights of bombers can easily destroy/disable an enemy subsystem in a single pass. This usage for bombers may seem fairly obvious, but it is especially important for Hiigaran commanders to understand and utilize this unique capability of the upgraded bomber since Vaygr capital ships are especially vulnerable to this kind of disruption. In particular, Vaygr Battlecruisers are rendered practically impotent if their engines and Heavy Missile Launchers are rendered inoperable for they lose their two most useful weapons: their missile volleys and the ability to bring the Trinity Cannon to bear. Without these weapons a Vaygr Battlecruiser is not much more than a heavily armored and extremely expensive strike craft dock.

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