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"The Great Harbor Ship of Bentus, the last of the Bentusi." — Karan S'jet

Ship Information
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5312 metres
50 m/s

Bentus, also known as The Great Harbour Ship of Bentus, was the last Bentusi flagship, before it was self-destructed to aid the Hiigarans in awakening Sajuuk.

History[edit | edit source]

The construction of Bentus is unclear but it is known that the ship existed before the year 6000 GSY.

When the Bentusi created the Outer Rim Trade Routes and began to sell short jump technology to various races, conflicts arose between different worlds, however they were always pacified by the Bentusi Flagship and its fleet. That is until circa 6010 GSY, when a massive orchestration of conflicts erupted across the known galaxy which resulted in the formation of several empires and the election of the Galactic Council, by which the Bentusi found themselves under the domain of the very races they helped bring to the stars.

Around year 6510 GSY, Bentus was meant to recover the Second Hyperspace Core from the Hiigaran Flagship, Sajuuk's Wrath. When the ship moved to recover the Core, the whole Hiigaran Navy supposedly abandoned attacked it, aiming to destroy its hyperspace core. However, the Bentus shook off the attack and managed to jump in the Bentusi fleet from a nearby nebula and raise its defense fields. Also, the Bentus created a sort of powerful Gravity well around itself to prevent the Hiigaran vessels from using their hyperdrives.

After a long battle, only Sajuuk's Wrath remained of the Hiigaran navy. The Bentusi offered the Hiigarans to surrender, but the Wrath's captain declined and following the Daiamid's contingency plan, jumped the ship out of the 30 light year exclusion zone where the battle took place and drove the ship into the surface of the Angel Moon.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Bentus was not seen again until it jumped out of Hyperspace at Sarum, contacting the Hiigarans to share with them the knowledge of the Oracle.

When the Keepers of Abassid attacked the Pride of Hiigara, Bentus acted for one last time. Shielded by the Hiigaran Fleet, the Bentusi repaired the inoperative Phased Cannon Array of the Progenitor Dreadnaught, while the Keepers sought to destroy both ships. Finally, the Bentus sacrificed itself by overloading its core in a massive detonation, destroying the Keepers nearby and leaving behind the Bentusi's Hyperspace Core for the Hiigarans.

"Our time has ended. Sajuuk awaits beyond the Gate of Balcora. The Dreadnought will open the way. There, you must end what has begun. You must take our core and unite the three. This is our legacy to you. Farewell." — Last words from Bentus

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