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This is the article on the location. If you are looking for the article on the mission which takes place in this location, see Balcora.

Balcora view from Hiigaran sensors

"Makaan has fled to Balcora, a massive black hole cluster at the centre of the galaxy" — Captain Soban in Homeworld 2

Balcora is the massive black hole cluster where Sajuuk is located. It had so much strength that hyperspacing could not happen within a 500 light year radius, so to combat this, the Progenitors built Balcora Gate which allows a vessel to jump straight to Sajuuk.

During the Vaygr War, Makaan jumped through this gate, using his Progenitor Dreadnaught to activate the gate and lead him to Sajuuk. Karan S'jet soon followed to initiate the final battle for the ancient Progenitor relic.

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